sixspace | chicago | los angeles

The art gallery SIXSPACE opened in Chicago (July 1999) with the Fuck You All exhibition by seminal photographer Glen E. Friedman. The attitude to provoke and inspire expressed in this exhibition would be the foundation for the gallery’s mission during its eight year existence: to champion emerging artists with the goal to challenge, excite, and inform audiences.

SIXSPACE cemented this position by relocating to Los Angeles in 2002 (downtown) and Culver City (2005) as a commercial space, representing artists Chad Robertson, Heather Cantrell, Russell Nachman, Sean Higgins, Karin Weiner, and Seonna Hong. Throughout the years the gallery would host a benefit for the West Memphis Three, co-curate Sent: America’s first camera phone show, participate in international art fairs, and be featured in articles on the gallery/artists in publications such as Art in America, Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Weekly, Elle, Artweek, Frieze,, Magazine, People Magazine, Anthem, Wired, etc.

SIXSPACE officially closed at the end of 2007.

Owner/Director Caryn Coleman is now a curator and writer living in New York.
Co-owner Sean Bonner works his magic in Los Angeles. 

Photo: “Scott Beale / Laughing Squid”